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Our Philosophy

Living a healthier life can be overwhelming.  Shifting through the vast amount of information about the foods we eat and the products we use is just the first step.  You need access to healthier alternatives.  With bath & beauty products, you still need to actually use the products and make sure they work for your specific body chemistry.


At Olivia & Ruby, our philosophy is "One Small Step".  If each of us can do one thing that will lower our exposure to the unhealthy chemicals that are so prevalent in the products we use each day we can lower our risk for illness. Our bath & beauty collection is handmade in small batches from natural ingredients like coconut oil, sea salt, and essential oils.  Before using an ingredient we make sure that it's safe by checking the EWG Skin Deep Database which catalogs ingredients commonly used in beauty products.



  • Body Creams - shea butter, sweet almond oil, apricot oil, coconut oil, arrowroot, mica, and fragrance
  • Perfume Oils - coconut oil, fragrance
  • Soap Scrub - soap cream, sugar, mica, and fragrance
  • Solid Perfume - coconut oil, beeswax, mica, and fragrance
  • Lotion Bars - coconut oil, beeswax, mica, fragrance



In all of my formulations we strive to be as natural** as possible.  For safety reasons anything that includes water or a water-based ingredient MUST have a preservative to ensure that no bacteria or mold grow making it unsafe.  Products without water, called anhydrous do not require a preservative unless the product could conceivably get water in it. All of my products - body creams, lotion bars, soap scrubs, solid perfumes, perfume oils, and bath soaks - do not contain any water so I don't add any preservatives to them.



The FDA does not regulate the use of the term natural so what it means is open to the interpretation of the person or company that's using it on their products.   For Olivia & Ruby, I define natural as preservative-free.





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