2x4 Conference Recap

I was blessed to attend the 2x4 Live conference with presenters Donna Maria - Indie Business Network, Lela Barker - Lucky Break Consulting, Anne-Marie Faiola - Brambleberry, and Kayla Fioravanti - Selah Press.  It was fabulous and very motivating.  I could tell that the ladies were friends who respect each other and value what each one brings to the table.  It was like a personalized startup weekend for bath & beauty brands.  Loved it!  
Key points for me were...
The dreaded "D" word.  No matter what I do - building a business, taking care of  my physical body, and serving as co-parent to my niece and nephews.  Nothing works without discipline. 

The trudge is the stuff you don't like to do and may not be particularly good at.  The trudge is different for everyone and you can probably identify more than one thing.  I am multi-trudge individual - exercise, going to the zoo, being outside in Memphis during July & August - the list goes on.  In business I can say that I find about all of it interesting as evidenced by the amount of time I spend staring at a computer screen. My trudges on the business side are things like scaling down the number of products or scents I offer or limiting the new ideas that I work on, Name your trudge? 

Scarritt Bennett Center

I live in Memphis and have been to Nashville many times over the years but had never heard of the Scarritt-Bennett Center which is downtown not next to Vanderbilt University.  The place is gorgeous.  Here are some of my photos.

Be Blessed!

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