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I am in deep like with tiny houses. Admittedly I am by nature a cozy cottage girl more than a lady of the manor so it’s not a stretch for me to like these feature-packed small homes. Realistically, I could never live in one full-time with my family and their needs. But I would love to have a tiny shop that I could drive to shows.  All I would have to do is park and open the doors.  A huge benefit over the schlepping needed to setup for shows today.

Tiny House - Aurora by Zero Squad

Tiny House - Aurora by Zero Squad

I took a stab at designing the exterior of my tiny shop in Adobe Illustrator and came up with this design.  It has a French door that opens and 2 full-view windows on either side to let it tons of natural light.

Tiny House Design by Tonya Tate

For the interior all I would need built-in are a sink/wet area and some wall shelving, and some bench seating.  I would bring in some nesting tables that I can fold flat when not in use. 

Tiny Shop Design by Tonya Tate


Tiny Shop Design by Tonya Tate

I have a collapsible clothing rack to display my vintage lace dress collection and will bring in my booth display items to give it the Olivia & Ruby Modern Vintage Touch.

Olivia and Ruby Booth Design

If you want to learn more about the Tiny Home movement, check out TN Tiny Homes and Tiny Heirloom Homes. You can also watch episodes of Tiny Luxury on HGTV.

I think tiny shops could be the next entrepreneurial wave following the mobile boutique trend we saw gain traction a few years back.

What do you think?  Could you operate your business from a tiny shop, or tiny studio, or tiny office?  Holla! 




  • SMKelley

    Cool idea! I love these little homes

  • Donna DeRosa

    How lovely. You could drive this around like an ice-cream truck playing spa music and stop at places for some sales. I would love to see a post about your vintage lace dress collection.

  • Pam

    Woah! What a great idea! I love your design.

  • Sharon

    Nice idea, I love your displays. As long as it is full of light, I can make it work.

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