The Ministry of Hope + Kindness

Hello Friends!

It's Tonya - the creator behind O+R here to talk about the re-brand.

Over the last couple of years I've noticed that people seem to be angrier, meaner, less kind, and less nice.  There's way too much snarky-ness in our responses to others and far too little humor.  Depending on your perspective there may be some really good reasons to be up-in-arms about life but I think this negative culture we're seeing today will have some lasting negative impacts on us that we may not realize until years down. I want to be a positive voice and presence in the world countering the ugliness so prevalent today.

As with all entrepreneurs, who we are seeps into our business ventures and it's no different with Olivia + Ruby. The idea that one person can be a positive impact on those I come in contact with has bled over into the products I design, the look and feel of the online store, and the way I communicate. I'm calling this new way of being and doing the Ministry of Hope & Happiness. It's my personal mission to be even kinder to others, to give the benefit of the doubt more often, and to not immediately assume ill intentions.

Another exciting change is the addition of some new products.  As a life-long creative I'm always designing something whether it's something to wear, for the house, for my desk at work.  While I LOVE all things vintage, the brand couldn't really stretch to include other passions like abstract art. The new O+R is a true mashup of modern and vintage elements. My goal is to add new products each month so check back soon!

Lastly I want to talk about health, specifically mental and emotional health since May is Mental Health Awareness Month. A good friend of mine launched a campaign to raise awareness and break the stigma that's been too long tied to mental health issues. It's been reported that the suicide rate in the US has gone up a lot over the last few years which is a sign that there are people among us who are not doing as well as they seem. Last month I was shocked to hear that a guy in the department I used to work in who I worked on a big project with killed himself. He was in his early 50's married with a daughter still in school.  No issues that we were aware of but obviously something negative was going on in his mind and emotions to take his own life. 

Take care of yourself! Check on your 'strong' friends and family members. Check out the #MentalHealthMayDay and #MentalHealthActionDay  hashtags for inspiring words from other amazing people. 

Visit to get free help finding a therapist. If you want to join the campaign you can buy a #BetterUBetterUs #WearEm T Shirt - and post your own photo or video on Instagram. 


Tonya | Olivia's Granddaughter | Be Blessed!


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