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Bed & Breakfast Anyone? Tour the James Lee House in Memphis

Photo courtesy of Jeffery Jacobs, Andrea Zuckerman and Wess Bramlitt ©2015

No vintage lover's visit to Memphis would be complete without a stay at the James Lee House in Victorian Village near Downtown Memphis. Originally built in 1848, the house was expanded several times until finally being sold to James Lee in 1890 whose daughter donated it to the City of Memphis and it was used as the James Lee Arts Academy until 1959. The house was renovated and opened as a bed & breakfast in 2014 and I was fortunate enough to get a tour along with other Leadership Memphis alumni.

Here are some photos I took on the tour:




  • Wow!! I love the architecture and I’m glad to see the building is being loved and put to good use.

  • Wow, that’s beautiful. It’s amazing how modern it looks inside. Some classic styles never change.

    Donna DeRosa

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