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God Answers Prayer

This year I decided to begin keeping a journal of things to pray about.  One desire I had was to attend a creative biz conference and learn and be inspired by other creative entrepreneurs.  Like everyone starting a business I’m budget-conscious so when I looked for events the ones I found were way on the west coast in Portland, Minneapolis, and California.  I would love to go to Craftcation but it just wasn’t in the budget right now.

I was able to attend the TN Soap & Candle Meeting at Villainess Soap Studio in Waverly, TN which is just 2 hours away.  It’s an annual event hosted by Rachel Mullen of Music City Suds in Nashville. At the conference one of the speakers was Kayla Fioravanti who mentioned something called 2x4 Live.  I quickly googled it and discovered it was a 2-day creative conference happening right up the street from me in Nashville.  Sadly, I also discovered that it sold out within days of the announcement. 

In my heart I really, really wanted to go to 2x4 Live because it was focused on makers with bath & beauty brands, one of which I am trying to become. I said “Lord, I want to go to that” so I decided to walk up to Kayla and ask how I could go.  Yes, my introverted, slick-shy self walked up to her, introduced myself, and asked how I could go.  She made some calls.  Later in the day she told me that someone who bought a ticket couldn’t go and was selling it.  Not only was I able to purchase her ticket but she also had a reservation at the venue and the room was $50 a night. God did that just for me and I’m grateful!

My next post will be on what happened at the conference. 

Be Blessed!

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