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If you're an creative entrepreneur trying to build a business with a limited budget it's all-to-easy to forgo things like magazines.  I want to encourage you to think differently about this magazine - Where Women Create Business Jo Packham of Stampington Press.

At $15.99 list price it's not cheap but I consider it an investment in my own personal development.  Every issues is a peek into the lives of women who have leveraged their creativity and combined it with hard work to build profitable businesses that allow them to live life on their own terms.  This is one of my goals.  Each time I flip through the pages and read their stories I receive motivation, inspiration, and education.  Each time I read an issue I am moved to affirm "Lord if  you can bless these women to live their creative dreams, you can bless me too!"
Invest in yourself!  Whether it's an inspirational magazine, creative conference, or a trip to the spa to rejuvenate your body.  You are your best investment.
Be Blessed

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