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I read an article today about women who are changing the fashion game:

Women Designers and CEOS Who Revolutionized the Fashion Industry in 2016

Featured among them is Memphis-own Brandice Daniel, founder of Harlem's Fashion Row an organization on a mission to give visibility to fashion designers of color who are currently still under-represented.

Brandice Daniel / HFR

So how does a girl from Memphis - a city with few, if any, connections to the fashion industry in NYC create an organization and grow it's reputation to where it's well-known among the fashion insiders?   Simple....she had a single idea, she believed she could do it - with the help of the Lord.  Because she believed, she got to work and kept working until her vision became a reality. Vision + Faith + Perseverance = Goal Accomplished!

This is the time when most of us aspiring entrepreneurs look back over our year and mark our accomplishments - or lack thereof.  Reading the stories of these women made me think back to my 6-year old self in my room drawing fashion designs for hours. Drawing later turned into draping fabric scraps on my Barbie dolls using pins to hold everything together.  Around age 13, I helped myself to my mothers sewing machine and began making elaborate wardrobes for my dolls who were way to fashionable to be seen dead in any Barbie fashions "off-the-rack"....lol

Replica of Princess Diana's Wedding Gown - circa 1981

2-Piece Cocktail Dress with Brocade Top and Black Peplum Skirt

Hand-beaded, Art Deco-Inspired Blouson top with Gold Ribbon banding

One thing I remember clearly is that at age 6, I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer and have my own line. Fast-forward 42 years and that dream is still deferred....for the moment.  The article inspired me to dust off my sketchbook and get back to where my creative journey began.  My last serious sketching was back in 2013  so I need to explore what moves, inspires, and excited me today.

TonyaTate Metropolitan Duchess Collection


Over the years I've added a ton of creative skills to my repertoire - millinery, graphics & web designer, interior designer, painter, jewelry-maker, Memphis Etsy Team Captain, Director of Modern Handmade Memphis, popup shop organizer, and my latest obsession - formulating bath & body goods for Olivia & Ruby. Fashion was, is, and will always be my passion and I'm excited to return home to it and see where it will take me in 2017.

Thanks Brandice for sharing the article and most of all for showing the world what you can do if you just don't quit. 

To you I say - blow the dust off your dreams and do something with them. Even if it's just one sketch, just one dish, or just one paragraph. We're blessed to live in an era where it only takes "just one" thing to  bring you to the attention of the world and to cause your dreams to come to fruition.

Be Blessed + Be Inspired








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