West Cost Week 1 - Las Vegas

While my entrepreneurial endeavors have not allowed me to quit my day job yet, there are some benefits that I'm all-to-happy to take advantage of.  In additional to health insurance, I'm fortunate to bet able to travel to some really cool conferences.  This year I was blessed to attend two and they were both on the West Coast - DevLearn in Las Vegas and AdobeMAX in LA.  Just thinking about it makes me want to do the happy dance!

This post will cover the Las Vegas part of the trip.  While I spent all day learning about the exciting new developments in the world of eLearning I did get a little bit of time to go out exploring.  The conference was held at the MGM Grand which is ginormous.

 I did get to eat dinner at Emeril's and it was really good.  The food lives up to the hype.

My favorite thing at the hotel was this understated gem - The Wedding Chapel. 

Being MGM it was full of vintage photos of weddings from old MGM movies.

My favorite was a photo of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz at their real-life wedding.

When I first arrived I picked up some eats from The Cheesecake Factory and while driving through the cute little shopping center I noticed this store called Sweet Bubble and just had to stop.  It was the cutest soap shop.
My last night in Vegas I had dinner at Lagos in the Bellagio.
The Food + The View = A Great Experience!

Next Up - West Coast Week 2 in Los Angeles

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