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Olivia & Ruby was founded by Me (Tonya Morris) with the simple idea that if I liked something, other people might too!  The Granddaughter of one of the brand’s namesake Olivia Lee Morris, I’m a fan of most things old like – 1940’s fashion, department stores with wood floors and display counters, and vintage architecture like the fabulous James Lee House in Memphis.

I’ve been making things since I was a child. In fact, my favorite childhood show was Zoom on PBS and my favorite part were the segments when the kids went cool places and learned how to make something.

Most of O+R products came about thru happenstance. An unfortunate haircut led me to begin making hats. Going natural (aka I stopped relaxing my hair) led me to make hair accessories. Getting my first apartment with a limited (read: NO) budget for decorating led me to begin painting and making pillows. A change in formula of a favorite lotion led to my luxurious Shea Body Butters. And on and on it goes.

Olivia & Ruby is a modern brand with vintage sensibilities.  My grand vision is for a lifestyle brand that borrows from the style and gracious elegance of the past, interpreting it for the realities of today. Part old, part new, but always grand.



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